Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Woman

Deal of the day! AHH at last.

Olivia and the beginning of her tantrum. Yes, I know the pic is sideways but there is nothing I can do about it like there was nothing I could do about her fit. Her final stage of the tantrum before she just gave up and Mommy won. Notice the ladies in the picture laughing at her or me one. This one she just decided to lay on the floor and kick and scream.
Got Pearls? I will ask if anyone can guess how many pearls are in a bag. No, the closest one does not get a prize.

One of many alleys and the jade market.

Beads in bags. Bunches of beads in bags.

Jade market

jade mkt cont'd

Wow what a good night sleep, soft bed and some good old fashion meds make/1 I slept more last night than a few nights combined. My bed in the new room is so comfortable. My back does not hurt and I'm even of thinking about trying some food here today. I'm not sure what kind of illness I had yesterday but it was not fun. I think the food at the Cow and Bridge led to a little food poisoning. I was miserable. The one day we had lots to do. I had the physical exam for Olivia, Visa pictures and tons of paper work to fill out. I lived but went to bed before 8:30pm. I felt like Super Woman this morning. Ready to conquer the Jade and Pearl Markets!

We met up with our group staying the the Annex building of the Victory for breakfast and then headed to the Pearl/Jade market. Donna, Erin,Suzanne,Bella,Olivia and I started ahead of everyone else. We planned to meet the rest of the group at a souvenir shop mid afternoon. Well Olivia decided about 1pm to start her daily tantrum. Nothing would calm her down. It didn't bother me as much to see her pitch the 2 yr old I wanna go here now tantrum as it did, make me feel the people around me wondering what was wrong with her and why are you not doing something about this. Many people came up and tried things like, water, tea, candy, talking but she wanted to leave and move right then and there. I took her to the bathroom and she went but the tantrum continued. She finally conked out 5 minutes before we had to catch a cab to meet the rest of the group. I bargained on some pearls but the jade I just didn't see any I liked today. We plan on going back later this week. I also talked to Emma and Leila about going to HK for a trip to Disney but I can't get Olivia out/in without a special visa. So it looks like Disney in Hong Kong is out. For $38USD I couldn't help but ask.

Our plans for tomorrow is to visit the largest mall in the world. It should take us about 1 hour each way to get there and back. It has a roller coaster in it and many different shops. I can't leave until noon but we look forward to going.

Olivia and I are relaxing her at the hotel this evening. Just a few more days until we get ready to pack for home.

Lots of love,

Jennifer and Olivia