Saturday, January 26, 2008


We recieved our Letter of acceptance this past week on Olivia. Looks like we will be heading to China in the next 5 weeks. If CNY holds the Travel Announcement from comming as quickly as they have been it could be 6 weeks. So now we must scury around like little ants collecting up this and that. Our first big this is to get our money in order and make sure we have new bills. I traveled to our local branch this week to ask about ordering new money from the federal reserve. They do not do it now. How fun is this? Hmmm let's see not! I have to get our Visa's sent off for processing and a few other documents to havve notorized. Other than this we are hoping to be prepared for a 2 week notice.

I'll post more later,


Sunday, January 20, 2008

I would never make it as a party planner

I have come to realization that the profession of a party planner is not for me. I helped my girlfriend plan her son's party last summer, which we were in a drought here in Georgia. What happened? We planned a pool party and it rained! Okay better yet, Katie's 3rd birthday party was scheduled for yesterday at 4p.m. and what happened? It SNOWED!!! So as it seems we will have a party at a local fast food restaurant with a playground during the week. If all goes well we could be traveling in the next 4 to 6 weeks. So I do not have time to reschedule Katie's gymnastics party for another weekend, plan Kolbe's 5th birthday party and still have enough brain cells left to make sure we have everything in order before we leave.

I finally talked Roy into getting Gage a passport so it looks like he will be going with us to China. I really think this will be a learning experience for him that he will never forget. I hope that it will tone down his wants and curb his "it's all about Gage" syndrome. I am working on making sure he minds his mouth in China. I told him to keep his opinions to himself and no public outbursts on what the food looks or tastes like. i have a feeling his pocket money will be gone in a 48 hour period so I think Roy and I are going to give him a daily limit and if there is anymore left he can carry it over to the next day. I hope this will trigger his brain to want to keep the money in his pocket for something really big at the end of the trip when we are in Guangzhou.

I think we might get some good news this coming week and we also received some updates on Ke Ke this past week. She is only 4 or 5 pounds lighter than Katie and less than 6 inches shorter than her too! Talk about twins. HA it's comical because I wanted Roy to agree on asking for twins in 2004/2005 process but he couldn't see that happening. So I guess God does have his own plans for you and sometimes those plans include the things you asked for most.

I guess this is all for now.

Hope to be updating everyone soon!


Monday, January 14, 2008

~~~Miss Katie Ting at 3~~~