Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Katie's ladybug in the begining stages. Still needs red thread and heart. This will go over her bed. The valance on the wall will have pink sheers. Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 16, 2005

2001 Yamaha Royal Star Vintage Green Lots of Crome Posted by Hello

2001 Yamaha Royal Star Venture 310 miles Posted by Hello

updates at home

Katie's room is coming along nicely. I have a few things left to do before I will post pictures. I have the fencing up and most of the painting done. I have wallpapered two walls and it matches very well. Gage will start a swim team in June. I hope he likes it. He will be able to compete on a local level but has to be seven to compete regional and national. Kolbe is growing and changing every day. He is my little Dennis the menice. Everytime I turn around he is getting into something. Gage was never like this. Oh well, I guess Katie could not be any worse at 2 years.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Starting Katie's room

I have been running around gathering items to start Katie's room. So far I have taken the chair rail down and sanded the areas to start painting. Earlier this week I finished the walls and painted the bottom "grass green" and the top and ceiling "sky blue". I started here and there testing out the stencil work I want to do on the bottom wall. Flowers,Ladybugs,Butterflies and dragonflies. I found the perfect fencing at Bombay Kids here in town and bought enough I think to do two walls. It is already painted and put together you just simply put it on the wall. I also bought a plaid pink,hot pink, purple, and yellow duvet cover to match. I have not found the bedskirt I want. I think a plaid bedskirt is just too much plaid. I also found a butterfly and dragonfly hanger to go on Katie's ceiling. I bought 3 latern type items to hang in the corners of her room. 2 are tulips and 1 is a oriental type latern pink, with flowers. I hid the items from Roy for a few days not to get into trouble for buying so much. The motorcycle sold, so he has no problem with what I bought for the moment. Enough of the rambling I will post pictures in a week or so. It will take some time to complete the room the way I want it to look.