Thursday, March 22, 2007

Well March has brought madness to our home once again. Baseball has begun for the boys. Kolbe has 10 or 12 games all around 10 a.m. on Saturdays and practice on Thursday evenings. Gage's schedule is a little hectic. His games range from 2 to 3 per week with a total of 18 games then tournaments. Practices are twice a week unless a game is scheduled for that evening. Gage has improved tons since first starting ball last year. Kolbe's main interest right now are finding a mud puddle on the field and a dirt mound to dig in. Hopefully this is a temporary obsession for him. Of course he was the first one to do a "oh no" at the opening game. He hits the ball and takes off for third base instead of first base. I know people tell me it's just T-ball and every kid has one of those moments but why oh why does it need to be Kolbe on the first one game. It was rather funny. Gage's team got stomped for the opening game but had a come back last Tuesday winning. Gage caught his first pop fly fowl behind home plate and it was awesome. When he came up to bat he hit a triple sending a few more guys home and landing him on third base to later run in a score.

Last month I was reading on a site that I visit often that a little girl that was adopted from China, home only 3 or 4 months had been hospitalized and in need of a heart transplant. I felt so deep for this family I began to pray and looked to more of my adoption sites that mention the bible and do prayer requests. I had not frequented this site as much since we have been home with Katie but felt I needed to sign back on to getting mail. After being a regular reader I also started cruising some of the special needs children listed to be available for adoption in China and Taiwan. I know some of you are at this "ought oh" mind set now. Seeing these children needing homes starting tugging at my heart. I started feeling like asking Roy to consider adopting again. Of course he looked at me like I was crazy. He said our house was like a zoo. I old him a good zoo full of love. I ran upon this one agency site that had an older child waiting. I again asked Roy about bringing an older child into our home. This was a quick no way response. continued to persue this desire and once again was shot down until one Sunday afternoon he agreed to think about adopting again but really wanted a younger child rather than spending a good bit of time trying to catch a older child p with language and schooling. Feeling a little bummed about this I took one last look at the agency site and I never expected to see what I saw next. Staring back at me was almost a mirror like thinner image of Katie. I just sat here looking at this photo of a little girl about 7 months old at the time of the photo glaring back at me. When Roy arrived home I showed him the little face and he turned and asked me who this child was. Well the next day I called the agency and inquired about her. The lady had stated she was from Jiangxi province and was in foster care. I then asked her if by chance was she at the Fengcheng SWI? She hesitated for a moment and then we made the connection. This child I was inquiring about, totally out of the blue was in the same exact orphanage as Katie. How bizarre was this.

So if all goes as I am hoping we should be sending off our intent to adopt her this coming Monday morning. We will be a house of 6! WOW.

I will keep everyone posted on the upcomings. I have to put the little ones to bed.