Sunday, October 23, 2005


Just got this message last night. We had a family just return from Fengcheng and they checked on Katie Ting!!! She is still with her foster mom. YEAH. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get the camera we sent with pictures of her in her home there. I was worried that she might have been taken to the orphanage once we accepted the referral for her. (This is a normal routine) I know if she is still with her foster parents it might be a more traumatic ordeal for her when we get her but I know she is still in a loving, healthy and more one on one type environment verses beds and beds of babies.

Less than 30 days Roy and I will be parents of three beautiful babies!!!

God is good and we are blessed,

Dear Jennifer,

We got home last night after a great trip to Nanchang and out to Fengcheng. We spent about 2 hours out there taking pictures of Esther's finding spot, the city in general and touring the new facilities. I asked after Feng Xue Ting and was told she is still in foster care and is in good health, according to vice-director Ding. The impressive thing is they immediately knew her when I gave her name. There was no hesitation or thinking through who she is.

I'm going to try and post a longer and general info message later this week.

Your friends,

The Cheelys

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

We have Dates set and tickets made!!!

Well it looks like we will be in China for Thanksgiving. Missing a day in Beijing to stay home for Gage's birthday on the 17th of November. We leave the morning of the 18th and will have Katie in our arms by the 22nd. We first will do a two day tour in Beijing and travel to Nanchang on the 22nd. We will have the consulate appointment on the 28th of November and are cleared to leave by the 29th. I had a hard time getting a frequent flyer seat on the 29th and 30th so we will be in Guangzhou until the first of December. I really hate missing a traditional Thankgsgiving dinner with the family but we plan on celebrating the kid's (Gage and Alexia) birthday on the 12th of Novemeber and having a Hardin/Caricari Thanksgiving dinner on the 13th.

Make sure you bookmark this blog for our journey beginning on the 18th of Novemeber. Remember lots of comments it makes me know it's worth writing all this down!!!



Monday, October 10, 2005

Okay not my glory shot but they tripped me, gagged me and made me do it! Posted by Picasa

Suzanne striking a pose.  Posted by Picasa

More chinese candles and glass ladybugs everywhere.  Posted by Picasa

My mantle was one of the highlights with Katie's pictures.  Posted by Picasa

Even the fake greenary got a little action Posted by Picasa

Part of the buffet  Posted by Picasa

The writing is in Mandarin and the phrase translated is "Thank heaven for little girls!" Posted by Picasa

The cutest baby shower cake yet.  Posted by Picasa

Thursday, October 06, 2005

child's card with translation. adult simiular but no star on card.  Posted by Picasa

lanyard to go around your neck  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

We have a update on Katie Ting Hardin

At 8 months old Katie weighs a tad short of 15 pounds at 27 inches in length. She has two teeth coming in. Our agency had received travel invitations last Friday (9-30) but is waiting on a consulate appointment. We are anticipating on a late October or early November travel with a appointment being around the middle of the month.


We have a update!!!  Posted by Picasa