Friday, June 23, 2006

Katie's favorite man!! DAD Posted by Picasa

She seems more interested in the toy than the pool.  Posted by Picasa

Katie's first one on one experience with the pool. Posted by Picasa

Roy trying his best to Ebay. Great security and peace of mind having kids. It makes it harder for Roy to bid and win!!!  Posted by Picasa

Friday, June 16, 2006

Katie meets the rest of the Hardin's

Well it's that time of year.
R E U N I O N The annual family Hardin reunion has come and gone. This is Katie's first "meetin'" of her whole family. If they did not see her in the lobby, they would track our room down for a viewing. I had a few of Roy's first and second cousin's take off down the hall with her. It did not faze her one bit to go with any man but boy it took a good bit of effort to get her to go with a woman. She seemed to be a big hit. The boys were 900 miles an hour 24/7. It was our first experience with three kids in a small hotel room. Almost impossible to get Katie or Kolbe to sleep.

I also posted a few pictures of Katie's 3 phases. One is Happy, the other curious or mischevious and the last is mad/cranky Katie.


Gage and Roy striking a pose.  Posted by Picasa

Finally FOOD!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Katie meets cousin Johnny Posted by Picasa

Kolbe and Roy Posted by Picasa

FEED ME......... Posted by Picasa

Katie loving her poodle purse she got from Christine on her birthday.  Posted by Picasa

Kolbe and Katie at mother's day Posted by Picasa

Roy bullying the boys.  Posted by Picasa

Kolbe conked out after a hard days play Posted by Picasa

Katie hanging out with daddy Posted by Picasa

Katie happy Posted by Picasa

Katie Mischevious Posted by Picasa

Katie mad Posted by Picasa