Monday, March 03, 2008

I'll see you soon......

Well we finally have our travel itinerary. Roy has decided to stay home with the kids while I embark on the final leg of this adoption. Here is my schedule.

March 6th Leave Atlanta at 8:25 a.m.
March 7th Arrive in Guangzhou 10:30 p.m.(11:30 a.m. Atl time)Stay overnight at Novotel
March 8th Leave Guangzhou at 12:20 p.m. for Nanchang. Arriving at 1:45pm. Free day
March 9th GOTCHA DAY!!!!! This is the day I will have Olivia in my arms.
Complete paperwork that evening
March 10th Appointment with the provincial officials to finalize Olivia's adoption and prepare
for her passport for traveling to Guangzhou, China.
March 11th Free day. This is the day to visit the orphanage (if it is allowed by the local
officials). I would get to travel to FengCheng City about a 90 minute ride by car.
I am in hopes of this because this is where both Olivia and Katie are from.
March 12th Another free day unless we have all the paperwork processed and the passports
are available for pickup. This is usually the 3rd day after the adoption is finalized
but we could have them by the evening of the 12th.
March 13th Should arrive in Guangzhou in the afternoon.
March 14th Free day
March 15th Free day. Olivia will most likely have the PolyClinic appointment that afternoon.
March 16th Finalize all US Embassy paperwork for Visa home.
March 17th Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!!! US Embassy Appointment
March 18th Oath - swearing in for Olivia's American Citizenship. Passport/Visa's delivered.
March 19th Free day - most likely travel for the day to Hong Kong
March 20th Free day last minute shopping for items on my list.
March 21st Leave For HOME!!!! (March 20th US Date)
March 21st Arrive in Atlanta at 5;30 p.m.



Sarah said...

Praying for you today as you travel! I am so excited to see your journey! We were in Nanchang last Nov and loved it! Can't wait to see your first post in China!
Love, Sarah Houston
fellow WCF :)

Elizabeth, David, & Katie said...

We are right behind you. We will keep you in our prayers and hopefully we get to meet your daughter in China.

Couchkat said...

Good luck on this trip! We were there a year ago to get our FengCheng angel Margaux!