Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chime Long Safari Park

no pictures please. Olivia is enjoying momma's sunglasses. Unfortunalty momma lost these on the train. Hmmm, wonder which animal ate them for breakfast?

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Cime Long Safari Park

A hot, tired and funny girl!
Feeling refreshed after lunch!
1 of 2 White Tigers at the Chime Long Hotel by the bugffet bar for lunch. Of course they slept the whole time we ate.

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Chime Long Safari Park

A Baby white Tiger! Roy I want one ;0)
Kind of reminds me of someone I know! This little one kept me busy.
Having fun watching both babies play.

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Chime Long Safari Park

A White baby Kangaroo!

Where's the Koala's???
Olivia, as close as she gets to any animal wild or tame!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Playing catch up

One unhappy camper not wanting to pose for a group picture, the little boy was kicking her gently to try and shut her up! didn't work. happy at last

Do you think she could show any more enthusiasm? helping mommy push the stroller
sideways but a great picture of me and Livi in front of the waterfall.

White Swan open courtyard

2008 XJ6 L

Good Morning!
IKEA (cool)!

It has been a quick few days. Sorry for not posting as much as I need to. My mornings are getting shorter because I am sleeping a little longer and my nights are late due to catching up on calls to home. Olivia is fine and her tantrums are getting more bearable for me. It's the stares that I get more than anything. I try to lay her down for a long nap in the mid morning so her tantrums usually start about 5pm.

Yesterday we were grounded to our room until noon so if there was any questions that the consulates office had I could answer them. Well they had some questions!!!! I had to go to the consulate's office and resign some paperwork that I did incorrectly at home so most of my day was shot. Livi stayed with Suzanne and Bella back at the hotel. She slept the whole time I was gone so this was a blessing to Suzanne and Bella's ears. I did get to stop by the Jaguar and Rover dealership for some quick pictures for Roy. I also saw one of Cathy's FAVORITE stores, IKEA!! Took a picture wish I had time to stop. I know they decent food there!

We went shopping on the island last night for some thing s on our list and ate at Lucy's to lay it on the safe side for food. We did catch the Cantonese restaurant before I went to the consulate's office and had sweet and sour chicken. Brought back memories.

Today I met up with our group for a gift swap and pictures at the White Swan hotel. The buffet was nearly $30USD to eat breakfast so we skipped this.

Olivia was less than cooperative but I did manage to get a few good pictures. We have our swearing in ceremony this afternoon at 4pm. So she will soon be a American Citizen and cleared to come home.

Love you all and only 4 more night nights Kolbe until mommy is home,

Jennifer & Olivia

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Super Woman

Deal of the day! AHH at last.

Olivia and the beginning of her tantrum. Yes, I know the pic is sideways but there is nothing I can do about it like there was nothing I could do about her fit. Her final stage of the tantrum before she just gave up and Mommy won. Notice the ladies in the picture laughing at her or me one. This one she just decided to lay on the floor and kick and scream.
Got Pearls? I will ask if anyone can guess how many pearls are in a bag. No, the closest one does not get a prize.

One of many alleys and the jade market.

Beads in bags. Bunches of beads in bags.

Jade market

jade mkt cont'd

Wow what a good night sleep, soft bed and some good old fashion meds make/1 I slept more last night than a few nights combined. My bed in the new room is so comfortable. My back does not hurt and I'm even of thinking about trying some food here today. I'm not sure what kind of illness I had yesterday but it was not fun. I think the food at the Cow and Bridge led to a little food poisoning. I was miserable. The one day we had lots to do. I had the physical exam for Olivia, Visa pictures and tons of paper work to fill out. I lived but went to bed before 8:30pm. I felt like Super Woman this morning. Ready to conquer the Jade and Pearl Markets!

We met up with our group staying the the Annex building of the Victory for breakfast and then headed to the Pearl/Jade market. Donna, Erin,Suzanne,Bella,Olivia and I started ahead of everyone else. We planned to meet the rest of the group at a souvenir shop mid afternoon. Well Olivia decided about 1pm to start her daily tantrum. Nothing would calm her down. It didn't bother me as much to see her pitch the 2 yr old I wanna go here now tantrum as it did, make me feel the people around me wondering what was wrong with her and why are you not doing something about this. Many people came up and tried things like, water, tea, candy, talking but she wanted to leave and move right then and there. I took her to the bathroom and she went but the tantrum continued. She finally conked out 5 minutes before we had to catch a cab to meet the rest of the group. I bargained on some pearls but the jade I just didn't see any I liked today. We plan on going back later this week. I also talked to Emma and Leila about going to HK for a trip to Disney but I can't get Olivia out/in without a special visa. So it looks like Disney in Hong Kong is out. For $38USD I couldn't help but ask.

Our plans for tomorrow is to visit the largest mall in the world. It should take us about 1 hour each way to get there and back. It has a roller coaster in it and many different shops. I can't leave until noon but we look forward to going.

Olivia and I are relaxing her at the hotel this evening. Just a few more days until we get ready to pack for home.

Lots of love,

Jennifer and Olivia

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Out of comission (sp)

Sorry about the lack of posting the last couple of days. I had gotten sick after arriving in Guangzhou. I think it was food poisoning. I was miserable. Feeling like superwoman today. Olivia had a hard time at the clinic getting her exam. She laid on the floor and pitched the largest fit i have ever seen. I did not try to much to console her because I was afraid I might have a virus and if she got sick it would not be a pretty site at all. My back hurts still but i was in so much pain I could hardly walk. I finally told Emma and Leila that I needed to change rooms to get a softer mattress. They told me there were no softer mattresses. We checked out and then viewed another suite with a Japanese style bed which was way softer (Georgian) than the one I had slept on for the last 8+ days. I woke up this morning after a normal nights sleep (8+ hours) feeling great. My back does not hurt near as bad and I hope to make it all day just fine. I will try and post some pics later this afternoon. I did not take any since I got here.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final full day in Nanchang 3-13-08

it wasn't me who ate the birdie. I promise!! A gift from the Hume's... Pretty girl. I finally talked her into wearing it after about an hour.

birthday cake... notice the swans Can we get any more excited over a birthday cake that she won't even eat?

First let me touch the cake and really get my hands dirty!

sideways I know but it was a cute pic. I can't modify this until I get home. sorry, turn your heads.

camera hog!

Well the honeymoon is defiantly over. Olivia is a bright humorous child but a handful. She was the center of attention most of the day with her antics. We celebrated her 2nd birthday this evening and the cake was really really good. I of course had my usual vegetable fried rice and french fries (good healthy diet food) and Olivia picked and chose off her plate. I do have a picky eater here and she will be in for a shocker when she gets home to find that she does not have a wide selection to choose off the Hardin menu.



Wednesday, March 12, 2008

March 12th Free day - 3-13 - fee also

Today was a lazy free day for us. We all decided to catch a few of the local attractions but we lost 1/2 of our group. the Hume's and I headed to the Tengwang (sp) Pavilion while the McNew's and Emma took for the Porcelain Streets. We enjoyed seeing a little of the history here in Nanchang. after this we headed for the Porcelain district by cab. I looked at several shops but did not "bid" on anything. Later that afternoon the girls were hungry and tired so we headed back. We ate at a local restaurant with Emma this evening. All 10 of us ate an entire meal for the total of 12 USD! COOL!!!!

I settled in early and tried to sleep as late as I could but was up at 6. I am trying to get some last minute things bought before we head to Guangzhou Friday afternoon. I forgot my camera so I do not have any pictures for you yet.

I miss everyone terribly.

Jennifer & Olivia AKA Oliver

FengCheng SWI 03-13

Going back to FengCheng for the second time really hit home. I took tons of pictures both coming and going. When we arrived in FengCheng we met up with one of the directers at a local shopping center to buy some donated items. we were of course the talk of the store and were followed by several paparatzi. After leaving the shopping center we headed to FengCheng SWI. Thing shave changed closer to the SWI since 2005. Many more newer building have been completed and several other buildings have been torn down or abandoned. I knew right were i was just like I was there yesterday. As we drove through the gates of the SWI my eyes filled with tears to see that there was a banner welcoming us there. It was truly something I did not expect. As were exited the car I saw Olivia FM and quickly ran over to give her hugs and kisses for caring so well for this 6yr old trapped in a 2yr olds body. I was able to give her the gifts I had brought for her in person which meant lots. Olivia finally realized she was there and ran over to her FM. I insisted that she take her and pick her up for the love she needed and a final goodbye. If this was going to set us back that was fine. It was worth the attitude. We enterd an old familuar room where we sat just 2 1/2 years ago. I was presented with a plaque that was a symbol of FengCheng. I asked if they had recieved the photos that I mailed of Katie, but they had not recieved them. We left shortly after this for luch with 4 gentleman from the SWI and asked some questions to the FM's about the daily life of our children. I was granted the privialge to eat with them and this is a day I would never forget. Olivia cried just for a few moments after the FM left and by the time we were in the van it was like nothing happened.



Tuesday, March 11, 2008

FengCheng SWI

Olivia and one of the directors which is a neighbor of Mama Xu

The gifts presented to the SWI. the McNews local children raised enough money to buy a washing machine. I was able to buy a case of formula and some rice cereal containers.

Oliva at the local park in FengCheng


Lunch with the officals and Mama Xu

A gift from the SWI!

Director, Me, Olivia, Mama Xu, Assistant directors!

Mama Xu, Olivia and Jennifer We meet at last.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Meet Oliver! No mispelled word, it's Oliver

chowing down some dumplings.

happy baby!!!

oops sideways but cute anyway

Finalizing the papers for China. She ours!!

long story short, with all the drama yesterday I did not check the decree and it seems they listed her American name as Oliver Erin-Ke Hardin. I did not catch the mistake until today and then I had to repay them for correcting their mistake. She is now Olivia erin-Ke Hardin. talk about a tease at school. poor thing.