Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Hello all,

It looks like the referrals for the month of June are in. So far I see referrals up to the month of December 10, 2004 for our Bethany agency. Hopefully they will pick back up and send in a few more in the month of July. As it stands now it looks like it might be September before we see our referral. I just finished another set of letters for a little girl's room who is coming home soon. I really enjoy doing the letters. It gives me "me time". Roy has agreed if all goes well with Katie at the end of the year, we will go back for number 2. He said I have to name her after me. Gee that's going to be really hard. Jennifer and Gennah. I'll have 2 K's in the family. Kolbe and Katie. And 2 G's in the family. Gage and Gennah. Do we see a pattern?


This is the letters I have created with Pat's fabric for Keira's room. Thanks for the oppertunity to help out Pat. They really turned out good. I hope you like them. I think I might do these on a regular basis as a way to earn money for the next adoption in 2007. Posted by Hello

Letter K  Posted by Hello

Letter E Posted by Hello

Letter I  Posted by Hello

Letter R  Posted by Hello

Letters I have done for a fellow adoptive parent Posted by Hello