Monday, May 23, 2005

Our local FCC Playgroup photos from May

We had our first playdate last week and we had so much fun. I didn't bring Gage becasue I was not sure if there was any kids his age to play with. He enjoyed staying home with dad. Kolbe had a ball. Savannah and Kolbe are just four months apart. We joke about them being in a pre-arranged marraige. Savannah's dad Jeff, said they are looking through the tunnel of love in the pictures. you never know. At least we would get along with the inlaws :)



Our oldest son has grown up and flown the kindergarten coop. Gage and our god daughter Alexia are pictured below getting ready for graduation. Is funny, they were both born on the same day 5 hours apart.

Gage and his coaches (Left Joe and Right Dad) with his awards and trophy from Soccer. Posted by Hello

Gage's cloassmate since they were 3. Hannah Jane  Posted by Hello

Making sure each other look the part Posted by Hello

Gage and Alexia getting ready for graduation Posted by Hello

Kolbe and Savannah playing Posted by Hello

Our newest arranged marriage :)  Posted by Hello

Kolbe on a playdate with our playgroup Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Katie's letter's are done....

I finished Katie's letters. I have yet to put them on the wall. I plan on hanging them from ribbon in a fun fashion. They turned out pretty good. I painted them, applied fabric, laquored them , then highlighted the accent pieces here and there and then applied a border.


Sample letter K  Posted by Hello

Sample letter A  Posted by Hello

Sample letter T  Posted by Hello

Sample letter I Posted by Hello

Sample letter E Posted by Hello

Katie's letters

Katie's name Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005

Katie's room near completion

Well I think I just have a few finishing touches and I will be finished with Katie's room. It's taken forever to get this project done. I have been working on it here and there when the kids are napping or someone is watching them. I hope she will enjoy it. I know I have. Once we know for sure if she will be in a crib, I will work on her bedding.

3 months or so and waiting

Angle shot Posted by Hello

Wall detail Posted by Hello

Wall detail Posted by Hello

Katie's crib Posted by Hello

Katie's room Posted by Hello

Katie's room corner Posted by Hello

Katie's big girl bed Posted by Hello