Monday, June 21, 2010

New Pictures!

Me and my girls. We had our pedi's and had to show them off!
Olivia at age 4yrs
My baby boy, Kolbe Reese~!
Little Miss Serious! Katie Ting at age 5yrs
My oldest - age 11 yrs Gage

I know I am horrible at keeping this blog up but with four kids you can't blame me.

I have some updated pictures of the kiddos as they have grown like weeds. Gage is going into middle school in August and Katie is starting kindergarten! Olivia will be in Pre-K and Kolbe is in Second grade.I need to keep myself busy or Roy will want me to go back to work. ;0(

All is well at the house. I have kittens that go to their new homes 4th of July weekend!

I have a biopsy on my cervix tomorrow. I hope all goes well. It brings back weird memories of chemotherapy and uncertain times that I do not want to revisit. I know GOD has a plan set out for me the day I was born but it would be nice to be able to peak every once in a while to see what's ahead.

Jennifer H