Thursday, March 13, 2008

Final full day in Nanchang 3-13-08

it wasn't me who ate the birdie. I promise!! A gift from the Hume's... Pretty girl. I finally talked her into wearing it after about an hour.

birthday cake... notice the swans Can we get any more excited over a birthday cake that she won't even eat?

First let me touch the cake and really get my hands dirty!

sideways I know but it was a cute pic. I can't modify this until I get home. sorry, turn your heads.

camera hog!

Well the honeymoon is defiantly over. Olivia is a bright humorous child but a handful. She was the center of attention most of the day with her antics. We celebrated her 2nd birthday this evening and the cake was really really good. I of course had my usual vegetable fried rice and french fries (good healthy diet food) and Olivia picked and chose off her plate. I do have a picky eater here and she will be in for a shocker when she gets home to find that she does not have a wide selection to choose off the Hardin menu.




Paul and Jackie said...

I am on several boards you are on and just wanted to say that your new daughter is beautiful. Count yourself lucky that Olivia is cooperating and is happy a good part of the time. Our almost 4 year old (at time of adoption) we adopted in 2006 was so beside herself that we all experienced the longest two weeks in history. Funny, today, she "remembers" that trip fondly! Your Olivia has got the cutest rosey cheeks and the cutest little haircut! Congratulations!!!!

Jackie Wetzel

Anonymous said...

Hello from CT, Jennifer I hope you and Olivia have a safe trip back to the US! We can't wait to see you and the family.

John J. Way

Holly said...

You're doing GREAT! One day at a time and you'll be home before you know it! I will always have a soft spot for Miss Olivia as you know.
Thrilled that God chose YOU to be her Forever Mama. He will equip you for this good work!
Be encouraged sister!
Holly from WCF