Saturday, June 28, 2008

Life as Six!

Many have written and given me grief about not posting so here goes. So much has happened since April I do not know where to begin.
School is out and all four kiddos are home 24/7 with mom. Dad is putting extra hours in at work with the way the economy is. Kolbe has graduated pre-k and is off to kindergarten this fall! He was so cute at graduation. Never has he stood in front of a large crowd and opened his mouth, however I was lucky enough to hear him sing and act goofy at graduation. Gage finished 3rd grade with all A's last report card. He really great this year. Katie is adjusting well to having a little sister. She is having a few more outburst. It could be the age or the change it's tough to say, she has always been the drama queen of the family and I guess she still wants to compete for the title. She finished 2 yr pre-k with excelling in most of the areas taught. I hope next year she learns to play better with others. not sure if this was an issue or if it was because mom was in her room.
is doing great and gaining ground on Katie rather quickly. She has gained almost 4 pounds sine she has been home. Her and Katie are sharing the same clothes now. This girl can tan let me tell you. I am so envious! I thought I got dark quick? Not compared to this child. She is now in a big girl bed and sleeping through the night without wondering around her room or trying to climb in bed with Katie. She is smart as a tack this child picks up lots and in no time she will be gibber jabbering up a storm. We do not hear her say much because we have 2 translators living in the house (Kolbe and Katie) that caters to her every whim.

Last week we received the newest of the family. Cache, a Doberman puppy. She is about 14 weeks old and sweet as sugar. The kids can climb all over this 30 pound puppy and she loves every minute. I'm not sure if I posted back in April that we lost Gretchen (our female boxer age 11) to old age. Stokley is getting slow as his hips are really taking a toll on him. We started him on Glucosamine (sp) in hopes that it will ease his pain some. We have not introduced the puppy to him formally. They have greeted each other through the fence and Stokley just perks up so nicely.

Here are some pictures of the past few months. Hopefully I will post more often than I have. I am trying to get in a rhythm here at home.

Late April / Early May 2008

Kolbe getting his baseball trophy and award for most improved.
Our family photo for AGCI 3 month update.
Precious Moments - Hardin style.
Gage being Gage! GOOFY!!!
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May 2008 Pictures

Olivia put herself in time out after seeing Katie getting put in time out! Too cute. Had to take a picture.
Livi and Dad after a game.
Katie sacked out after a long hard days play.
Miss Drama at Mother's Day Tea!
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May 2008 Pictures

Olivia swinging and hanging out with Dad st the park.
Olivia being her goofy self! Clowning around at school.
Katie swinging with Dad
Katie's Spring picture (sorry a little fuzzy)
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May and June pictures

Roy and Cache
Kolbe Graduating Pre-K!
Kolbe waiting for me to take the picture so he can go play!
Kolbe and Logan hanging out

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