Saturday, February 10, 2007

I finally have time to sit and update you all......

It's been 3 months since I actually sat down and took a few moments to myself to update you all on what's been going on with the Hardin's.

Well let's start with December. Christmas came and went quickly. Winter break was interesting with all the kids home for 3 plus weeks. Kolbe got a big wheel for Christmas from my mom and Gage got a bike from Santa. First day out a few days before New Year's Kolbe flips his big wheel and breaks his arm! What a fun New Year's Eve in the emergency room. He went a whole day convincing us that his arm was fine but with the year ending and the deductible getting ready to reset as of Jan 1st we opted to take him to the emergency room just in case. Well it was broke but they could not cast or split it because of where it was (his upper arm near his shoulder). It heeled i a few weeks and nothing slowed him down.

Okay January was a whirlwind. First Katie's 2 years old! We just had family and a few local friends over for cake and she had a ball opening her gifts. She grew so much over the winter break with her speech it is unreal. We are attempting to potty train her and she's not happy. Dora seems to be her favorite along with the cars and trains. She is mesmerized by the movie Cars and loves to dress up. Towards the end of the month Gage decides to swallow a lead magnet ball. I could see Kolbe (3yrs) or Katie (2yrs) doing this but a 8 year old. He claims Kolbe put them in his mouth. Okay you know as well as me that a 3 year old can not over power a 8 year old unless he is a willing participant. So yet again I spend a full Sunday afternoon at the emergency room only to find out it is about to be expelled from his bowels. I told him that if he passed it before we saw the doctor I would be pissed.

Well here's February! Kolbe's birthday party is today. I have invited all of his friends from pre-school and most of them are coming. He is in 2 different classes so this is 18+ kids. He of course wants a Cars party so I have been working on this. Roy was sick with the flu for 3 days a few weeks ago so I am behind on house work and laundry. I think I have the house in order enough for the party. To top this all off our attic pull down stairs decided to call it quits and we still have our Christmas stuff in boxes all over the house. Kolbe's big birthday items are in the attic and we can't reach them. Roy's shoulder has been hurting him and he can not lift the new attic stairs to place them in position to hang them so we are waiting on a friend to come and help us. So maybe by the time we get this fixed we can just put the tree back up for Christmas.

Daphne continues to do very well in school here. She wants to come back next year and go to Arlington or a public school but I am not sure what the Lin;s will do. She has made Beta Club (honor student) and is bringing her Health/fitness grade up which has been her hardest subject to study because of the terms they use in the book.

I have signed up to be a local representative for Forte International Exchange. My task is to try and find host families for the students for the upcoming school year. I hope to be able to find families that are needed.

Well this is my novel for now and I will try to post pictures this weekend.

Thanks for keeping up with our family.