Monday, March 10, 2008

Night and Day

What a differance a day makes! Yesterday was very tramatic to say the least for Olivia and I. A child that is unconsolable and just plain ticked off. She got sick on the bed shortly after getting back to the room and Emma (guide) helped me clean her up and remove what remaining clothes that she had on. Not easy! She advised me to give her a bath and redress her. Bathtime was not a walk in the park. I tried dressing her in clothes i brought but she inssited on putting her old clothes on. We compremized and I let her wear her socks. We walked through the hotel where she wanted to go not me. we later came back to the room and she stood in the corner by the mirror adn she just stared at me. Of course I ignored her and went about my business. She later squated down and then popped up to tell me and show me she peed on the floor. Momma Jen is to smart for this so I explained and showed her that her pull up was wet not her nor the floor. She since then has held all her tee tee until we get to the hotel to sit on her potty which is simular to a ride toy straddling this but no wheels. I have to buy one of these and bring it back. I think hte preschool would so use this with ease. Shee peed 2 times today and pooped in the potty!!!! YEAH! She is all smiles and we get along great. She feeds herself, tries putting on her shoes and eats better with chopsticks than me. I thouhgt for the longest that Katie was stubborn but I met someone that will challange my every move. Whatch out Austin the female match will be in America soon. Oh my. all good of course!!! We love Auzzie. She will give all the kids at the pre school a run for their money. Her favorite word now is Dhat, ewhich means short of I want. I see her favorite word in English coming will be mine.

One odd moment after we ate today at the dumpling house, she was restless and the others were not quit done gathering ther things so we went outside to wait. A older lady in her mid 50's approached me. It seemed she must have had a stroke or partial loss of her left side of her face. I thnk she was a begger of sorts. She insisted and tried taking Olivia out of my arms. i quickly and firmly told her BOO, which is no. Monty (fellow travel mate) came outside and I stood by him like a child to a father. She finally left me alone. I could see giving temporary custody to Olivia to Donna and Monty while I faced battery charges here in China on this woman. Lots more to tell but it is really late (12) and I have an early morning. We are visiting the orphange in the morning . A 2 hr ride each way. I am posting pics which takes a good bit of time. again remember I can not see what I post so if I double post the same things it's jetlag and sleep deprivation. i wake up at 4 am in the morning for some reason. Oh and I took Olivia to the clinic for her runny nose adn congestion and let me tell you they are a rip off big time. Can you believe for the office visit and 2 prescriptions they wanted 7 USD! LOVE IT!!!!

Truly blessed,