Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It seems the closer it gets the longer it takes. Our group was hoping for a "TA" word before Chinese New Year but it did'nt happen. So it looks like the earliest we will hear anything will be the week of the 18th. With this in mind we could still possibly travel at the end of the month if the agency gets a quick response (same day) on an exit interview. This is the final appointment for us to leave China. This determines what Olivia will have a temporary citizenship or a full citizenship. As it looks now, Roy will spend 1/2 the trip with me and Olivia should be able to come home on a complete Visa but if the paperwork is wrong for some reason and we need to redo a form and use the power of attorney then she will come home on a temporary visa and we have to readopt. Just pray this does not happen. Gage is getting excited and ready to leave and Kolbe is getting use to the idea of spending some time with some of his friends while mom and dad are away. Katie could care less.

This is everything in a nutshell.