Monday, March 17, 2008

Playing catch up

One unhappy camper not wanting to pose for a group picture, the little boy was kicking her gently to try and shut her up! didn't work. happy at last

Do you think she could show any more enthusiasm? helping mommy push the stroller
sideways but a great picture of me and Livi in front of the waterfall.

White Swan open courtyard

2008 XJ6 L

Good Morning!
IKEA (cool)!

It has been a quick few days. Sorry for not posting as much as I need to. My mornings are getting shorter because I am sleeping a little longer and my nights are late due to catching up on calls to home. Olivia is fine and her tantrums are getting more bearable for me. It's the stares that I get more than anything. I try to lay her down for a long nap in the mid morning so her tantrums usually start about 5pm.

Yesterday we were grounded to our room until noon so if there was any questions that the consulates office had I could answer them. Well they had some questions!!!! I had to go to the consulate's office and resign some paperwork that I did incorrectly at home so most of my day was shot. Livi stayed with Suzanne and Bella back at the hotel. She slept the whole time I was gone so this was a blessing to Suzanne and Bella's ears. I did get to stop by the Jaguar and Rover dealership for some quick pictures for Roy. I also saw one of Cathy's FAVORITE stores, IKEA!! Took a picture wish I had time to stop. I know they decent food there!

We went shopping on the island last night for some thing s on our list and ate at Lucy's to lay it on the safe side for food. We did catch the Cantonese restaurant before I went to the consulate's office and had sweet and sour chicken. Brought back memories.

Today I met up with our group for a gift swap and pictures at the White Swan hotel. The buffet was nearly $30USD to eat breakfast so we skipped this.

Olivia was less than cooperative but I did manage to get a few good pictures. We have our swearing in ceremony this afternoon at 4pm. So she will soon be a American Citizen and cleared to come home.

Love you all and only 4 more night nights Kolbe until mommy is home,

Jennifer & Olivia


The Straight's said...

You are so brave to be doing this on your own. I hope to go back again one day too just like you. Thanks for the encouragement that it can be done! Hang in there you are almost home.

Julie said...

I have loved following your journey. Keep us updated. She is just so precious. Adopting a toddler is so different than a baby, but I promise, it only gets better! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!