Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FengCheng SWI 03-13

Going back to FengCheng for the second time really hit home. I took tons of pictures both coming and going. When we arrived in FengCheng we met up with one of the directers at a local shopping center to buy some donated items. we were of course the talk of the store and were followed by several paparatzi. After leaving the shopping center we headed to FengCheng SWI. Thing shave changed closer to the SWI since 2005. Many more newer building have been completed and several other buildings have been torn down or abandoned. I knew right were i was just like I was there yesterday. As we drove through the gates of the SWI my eyes filled with tears to see that there was a banner welcoming us there. It was truly something I did not expect. As were exited the car I saw Olivia FM and quickly ran over to give her hugs and kisses for caring so well for this 6yr old trapped in a 2yr olds body. I was able to give her the gifts I had brought for her in person which meant lots. Olivia finally realized she was there and ran over to her FM. I insisted that she take her and pick her up for the love she needed and a final goodbye. If this was going to set us back that was fine. It was worth the attitude. We enterd an old familuar room where we sat just 2 1/2 years ago. I was presented with a plaque that was a symbol of FengCheng. I asked if they had recieved the photos that I mailed of Katie, but they had not recieved them. We left shortly after this for luch with 4 gentleman from the SWI and asked some questions to the FM's about the daily life of our children. I was granted the privialge to eat with them and this is a day I would never forget. Olivia cried just for a few moments after the FM left and by the time we were in the van it was like nothing happened.




Tamara said...

I love that you let her FM hold her and say goodbye. We let our daughter's nanny hold her and talk to her and tell her good bye as well. I don't know if it is "closure" but I felt that it helped my second daughter see us and her nanny together.
As a former foster mommy- I also like to say goodbye. I loved my foster children and it was nice to be able to see goodbye.
You are a great mom!!!