Friday, July 29, 2005

Wow we could be next......

Well as of yesterday the latest LID date we have seen post on the adoption sites is 1-27-05. This means Roy and I could have a picture and specfics on Katie by the end of August. Our LID is 2-23-05. So unless they have bunches of referrals in the last part of January and the first part of February we will be included in the next batch. CNY (Chinese New Year) was about a week to ten days in the first part of February so there are not many days that the CCAA (China's adoption services) were open. They also were working 1/2 days for a while and now are working full days.... A friend through email/groups missed her referral this month so I hope she and Al hang in there. I know it has got to be hard to miss the big day by a few days. Bethany LID group dates are late so we should be able to all travel together. I am guessing we will travel the last week or few days in October and be home in time for Gage's birthday (11-17).

All for now,

Jennifer l