Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Another day gone

Well we are one more day closer to our little girl. Kolbe who is 2 is starting to call her name out pretty clearly now. Gage is wanting fall to hurry up and get here. (I'm with ya Gage)

We had a pretty good 4th Of July weekend. We all loaded up in the mini van and headed for the mountains. Suzanne and the kids went with us and we all had a ball. Day one (Friday) we arrived rather late so we met up with Suzanne,Nick,Bella and headed to check into the cabin. It was nothing to write home about. I figure if it was waterproof and the bathrooms worked we were ok. (Sat) We set off for breakfast and then entertained the idea of Old McDonal Putt-Putt but poor Kolbe did not enjoy it a bit. I think he was hot and tired. We then set off to the Rainforest zoo. After a late lunch we went horseback riding. All in all the day went well. (Sun) It rained, so Suzanne and I were carted around to all the local outlet malls to shop. Poor Roy. We later had reservations at the Comedy Barn. We all had fun and were able to get Suzanne on stage. Funny. (Mon) Happy fourth..... We set off to go tubing down the river. What fun. Poor Roy looks like a walking advertisement for Red Lobster. He was crispy from head to toe with the exception of where Kolbe was laying the whole ride. We all went down the river twice and then had a late lunch before Suzanne, myself and Nick went down another section for adults only. Roy at this point was fried and stayed in the van with the kids and watched Herbie movies. We were rained on and stuck in the middle of no where in the middle of the river. Needless to say the waves picked up a little. I think the last trip was the best. We had minimal hangups and better water flow. (Tues) We headed home rather early around 11a.m. and went the backway through the mountains. I caught some really pretty pictures. Hopefully we were able to get better family pictures than what I have used on our dossier and other family site pictures. I really didn't care for the pics.

That pretty much sums up our Fourth. How was yours?

Jennifer Hardin