Thursday, August 13, 2009

Contest - Free stuff MCP Actions Rock!

Do you wish you had more hours in the day? What if I told you that I know a way to give you more time… Is that something you might be interested in?

Early in 2009 I discovered a product that changed the way I edit in Photoshop. It allows me to edit faster and be more productive. And in the process I have more time to do other things I enjoy! I probably sound like an infomercial but I truly believe in Autoloader.


Now for the CONTEST and how you can win one of 4 Autoloader Prizes available in this contest (or $50 credit towards your purchase of Proofmaker - if you cannot wait to see if you win Autoloader)… And possibly some MCP Group or One on One Private Photoshop Training too.

The contest runs from now through Sunday the 16th of August. No matter how many entries are received 4 Autoloader Prizes will be given away. If there are 800 or more contest entries by the end of the contest, I will also pick 1 of the 4 winners at random to attend my SPEED EDITING CLASS on August 19th at 8:30-10:30PM. And if 1,000 or more entries I will choose 1 of the 4 winners for a One on One Private Workshop with me to build their “Big Batchable Action” and get even more FREE time.

Click on the link below the post title or here

Good Luck!

Jennifer H