Sunday, April 27, 2008

5 weeks and counting

It's hard to believe it has only been 5 or so weeks since Olivia arrived home. She has adjusted really well. I took her to the Pediatrician and she is doing great. We have a doctors appointment next week with a GI specialist to see how her blood count is. Katie is ecstatic that she has a little sister to share her room with. She is not so happy about sharing her toys. Kolbe is doing well with the adjustment off another baby on the house. Olivia has really opened up to everyone here at home and at school. She fits into her class and does fine without mommy. She understands everything I ask or tell her to do and even has made an effort to talk to me in English. Just like most two year old's she does better showing you what she wants rather than speaking. I can put anything in front of her and she just about eats it. She thinks its time to eat the moment her feet hit the floor in the morning just like Katie and Kolbe. Roy is in love with his little Livi! She runs up to daddy every afternoon when he comes in from work and laughs and plays with him until dinner is ready. It seems our family is complete! At least for now :0) I don't know if I could juggle 5!?

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Julie said...

Great pictures! They are so cute. I am so happy for you. Livi looks adorable! Sounds like things are going well. I know about that food thing. It took a long time for Sam to quit constantly thinking about food!

TheDideonGang said...

So how are the temper tantrums LOL
I am sure they are slowly getting less and less - glad to hear all is coming together for you.
Lavonne in Seattle, still waiting now 90 days for LOA -

Couchkat said...

Ahh, so happy to see some new pics.

Mommy to another FengCheng angel

Julie said...

Guess what happens when you don't post for a while:

I tagged you on my blog - go check it out. It is an easy one! ;o)