Monday, April 02, 2007

Well .. Spring break is here.

I posted a few pictures of Kolbe and Katie at the Easter egg hunts. They had so much fun. We all have a stomach bug this week. I started the week off with it then passing it along to the kids and Roy ended the week. Gage missed his Thursday night game and Kolbe missed his Saturday game and Easter egg hunt at the church. I also got an email from Kolbe's coach that Kolbe's baseball team has been picked for one of the pre-t expo game at the Braves game on April 12th!

This week is spring break for the kids. We will most likely just do some things around the house. I think I'll try taking the kids skating early this week so hopefully there will be no broken bones. Roy is planning on taking a half day Thursday to go fishing and just maybe we will see about Six Flags on Friday. With it also being Easter weekend coming up we will want to be home so the Easter bunny will not get to confused.

We finally started our home study this week. I just hope it goes smoothly. I really like the agency we chose. We also narrowed down a name for baby Ke. I believe we will bring her home with the name of Olivia Erin Ke Hardin.