Thursday, August 24, 2006

A house full? Not yet!!

Meet the newest member of our family. This is Daphne . She is 15 years old and lives in Taiwan. She will be living with us and attending school. We are so excited to have her here. I feel like we can both learn from each other. Roy is excited about Daphne coming to stay with us. He has been asking every day when he calls if we have heard from the agency on her arrival yet. I hope to be able to meet her at the gate when her plane arrives Sunday the 27th. It will be a busy next few days to make sure her room is just right. Gage and Kolbe are excited and when Kolbe sees her picture he knows who she is. Gage is just happy to have someone older in the house. I hope he will not bug her too much.

All is well here with the kids. Gage is now in 2nd grade and Kolbe goes to pre-k everyday. Katie started a two day program at school and I posted some pictures of them getting ready to go,.... It's so cute. She loves her school. She is getting smarter and quicker on her feet everyday!