Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Procrastination at it's best....

Well I keep telling myslef I need to post pics and a little info on how we are all doing and just have not got it done. So here it is.

All is well at the Hardin household. Katie is our little walking whinning garbage disposal, Kolbe our little bully and Gage is just Gage. Katie is in a rountine here at home with mom figuring out how to get things done with 3 kids. Kolbe is at the 3yr old stage on not listeningto anything anyone says and being a little Denise the Minice, getting into everything the minute I turn around. Gage hast started baseball for the first year, giving soccer a rest. They have given him the catcher posistion and he is doing fanomanal at this. I think it is the perfect posistion for him having to "pay attention" and not getting bored in the outfield picking daisies so to speak. Roy so nicely volenteered me to be score keeper without consulting me and has found out he should have thought this through. He now has to watch Kolbe and Katie atall the games while mom keeps score in her own chair away from everyone. LOVE IT!!!!

Well enough babbling for now.