Sunday, October 23, 2005


Just got this message last night. We had a family just return from Fengcheng and they checked on Katie Ting!!! She is still with her foster mom. YEAH. Maybe I will be lucky enough to get the camera we sent with pictures of her in her home there. I was worried that she might have been taken to the orphanage once we accepted the referral for her. (This is a normal routine) I know if she is still with her foster parents it might be a more traumatic ordeal for her when we get her but I know she is still in a loving, healthy and more one on one type environment verses beds and beds of babies.

Less than 30 days Roy and I will be parents of three beautiful babies!!!

God is good and we are blessed,

Dear Jennifer,

We got home last night after a great trip to Nanchang and out to Fengcheng. We spent about 2 hours out there taking pictures of Esther's finding spot, the city in general and touring the new facilities. I asked after Feng Xue Ting and was told she is still in foster care and is in good health, according to vice-director Ding. The impressive thing is they immediately knew her when I gave her name. There was no hesitation or thinking through who she is.

I'm going to try and post a longer and general info message later this week.

Your friends,

The Cheelys